British/European theo-bloggers

Posted on November 10, 2011


For reasons explained in the previous post, I would like to start to construct a list of British and European blogs with theological content. Nominations are hereby invited.

I guess we need to define ‘theological content’. I would go for something like this: ‘a majority of the posts would be interesting to someone, educated to higher degree level, who is generally interested in theology and wants to keep abreast of contemporary developments and discussions.’ So a blog that offers informed and reasoned posts on a particular theological topic, and a blog that serves to alert its readers of upcoming publications, lectures, and conferences, both make the cut. I would generally like to err on the side of generosity, also: it is a list inviting people to explore, after all, and I don’t think it is going to be excessively long…

(‘British/European’ also invites some analysis; what of Brits now living abroad, or Americans temporarily resident here to do a doctorate? The test is content, and again to be applied generously. Suggest away.)

I have ten or so candidates in my own head, but I’d like to hear others’ proposals, so I’m not even going to start a list. Tell me what should be included!

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