Junia (2): the evil of bad scholarship

Posted on December 8, 2011


I hope I conveyed both something of Scot’s passion in Junia is not Alone, and something of the fact that I share it, in the previous post. Strangely, however, one of the results of reading the book for me was a greater degree of sympathy for (some) of those I’ve met who take/took a male-only leadership position.

You see, they were faithful men & women, striving hard to be true to the Bible. And they’d been given Greek Bibles and commentaries that wrote Junia out of the picture so totally that the idea that ‘Junias’ could be a woman was never even considered. It wasn’t their fault that they’d never heard of her; they’d never been given the chance to hear of her.

Now, I know Rom. 16:7 isn’t the only text, and I know that actually you could always find witnesses to a better reading of Rom. 16:7 if you looked for them (see next post for a great example…), but the tale of bad scholarship that Scot tells made it at least more difficult for Bible-believing Christians to hear and understand the argument that male-only leadership was wrong. Scholarship matters, and it needs to be done well.

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