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I don’t blog very regularly, I am afraid – not often more than once a week. On the one hand, the reason for this blog is selfish – to record and test out ideas I have; on the other, I blog when I think I have an idea worth recording/testing, and that doesn’t happen on a daily basis, unfortunately.

That said, there are several better ways of following than simply clicking back from time to time to see if there happens to be something new.

I have linked the blog to Facebook, so FB friends will get updates there of new posts.

If you use an RSS reader, there is a link in the top right of the window to subscribe via RSS.

WordPress has a subscription service – it’s in the toolbar at the top of the window. As best as I understand it, if you subscribe you will get email notifications of new posts when they happen to go up.

If you are interested in following, I am both grateful and humbled – hopefully one of these options makes it easy for you.


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