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‘Stirring dull roots with spring rain’

March 5, 2012


I’ve been thinking about Web page design recently, in connection with a couple of projects (one of which will go live in about a week, I hope; the other in the summer). I reflected that the design of this blog was not good in a couple of ways, and had been unchanged in over four […]

‘Vanity requires no response’

December 16, 2011


Just after midnight (GMT) last night, it seems, the view counter on this blog ticked from five figures to six. I have no idea, and not much interest, how 100 000 views compares to the average for a blog, or for a theoblog, or whatever. It suggests that there are a certain number of folk […]

‘Hooded hoardes swarming…’

November 10, 2011


Not quite four years ago, when I began this blog, I put a blogroll in the right gutter; it seemed the thing to do back then. I have been conscious for most of those four years that the blogroll was out of date, but unsure how to reform it. Recently, I deleted some dead links, […]

Bats with baby faces in the violet light

April 28, 2009


So, I changed the randomly generated avatars for people with no uploaded pictures from geometric patterns to cartoon faces. Apparently, they generate from your email address, so that you always get the same one. I hope no-one is offended by the way they came out…

What branches grow out of this stony rubbish?

April 10, 2009


A chance conversation this morning worried me. It seems that someone had read something on this blog and, knowing something of the contexts I live and work in here in St Andrews, had assumed it was intended as a veiled criticism of a particular person. It wasn’t. In all honesty, it surprised me to discover […]

‘Unreal city’

January 13, 2008


This blog went live on the 16th of December, receiving four views, according to the WordPress stats counter. Today, that counter topped 5000. I imagine long-term theobloggers like Andy, Jason and particularly Ben will regard that as pretty paltry, and I am sure that WordPress set it up to maximise the numbers (their business depends […]

‘A heap of broken images’?

December 12, 2007


So, just as soon as I work out why every post is appearing in a different font, I will stop it…

‘Mixing memory and desire’: by way of introduction

December 12, 2007


Why a blog? My various computer hard drives have been littered with brief attempts to open up a subject in prose, expounding and beginning to explore a single idea. Over time, I fell into the habit of entitling these files ‘fragment on xxx’—hence, in part, the title of the blog. (That, and all the good […]