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Bruce McCormack’s TFT Lectures (5): Evaluation

January 7, 2008


How to evaluate McCormack’s novel account of kenosis? I want to make two comments. The first is that I think it is at least potentially defensible when judged according to the canons of classical (Reformed) orthodoxy. I do not think there is any major doctrinal decision that it offends against, although on one point I […]

Bruce McCormack’s TFT Lectures (4)

January 7, 2008


A note on the nature of these posts: I am not typing up notes of the lectures (I tend to take none, other than a few scribbled phrases intended to aid in the formulation of a question or comment at the end of the presentation). Instead, I am working from my memory of them, and […]

Bruce McCormack’s TFT lectures (3)

December 21, 2007


The third lecture, ‘Immutable in Passibility: The Contribution of Karl Barth,’ traced the origins of Barth’s Christology in Dorner and Herrmann. Jason has suggested in a comment on the second of this series that this was the best of the lectures; I would not disagree. It happens it was also the one I chaired. There […]

Bruce McCormack’s TFT lectures (2)

December 19, 2007


Bruce McCormack’s second lecture, ‘Passibility in Mutability: The Failure of the Older Kenoticism,’ focused on the nineteenth-century kenotic Christologies of Thomasius and Gess, and on Dorner’s critique. The British kenoticists (Forsyth and Mackintosh), and Baillie’s objections, were there, but the treatment was slightly more cursory, I think because Bruce thinks that Herrmann’s critique of metaphysics […]

Bruce McCormack’s TFT lectures (1)

December 18, 2007


Bruce McCormack’s TF Torrance lectures went under the title ‘The Humility of the Eternal Son: A Reformed Version of Kenotic Christology’. They represent the maturity of a project Bruce announced in an IJST article (‘Karl Barth’s Christology as a Resource for a Reformed Version of Kenoticism’ IJST 8 (2006), pp. 243-51), and has developed in […]

Evangelicals and Barth

December 12, 2007


Bruce McCormack was in town last week, giving us an excellent series of TF Torrance Lectures, and generously making himself endlessly available for conversation. I might attempt a summary of the lectures in the next few days, but one comment for now. He discussed Evangelical reception of Barth a couple of times. This seems a […]