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The influence of Rudolf Bultmann on Evangelical preaching

May 5, 2008


Of course, there is a sense in which Bultmann ought to be influential on all preaching, as one of the truly great exegetes of the NT text. Any preacher faced with a text in John who doesn’t reach for Bultmann’s commentary is at best ignorant, and more likely a fool. But that wasn’t really my […]

Prawn sandwiches and preaching

January 12, 2008


Roy Keane, one of the greatest footballers (‘soccer players’ if you must) of his generation, current manager of Sunderland, and former captain of Manchester United, may not be everybody’s idea of a model for church members. Foul-mouthed, angry, and sometimes violent, his unquestionable talent and passion was too often eclipsed by all-too-public rants at almost […]

Learning to preach from Graham Norton

December 19, 2007


The preacher left me cold, although I could tell the, mostly elderly, people around me were enjoying it. I began to analyse what was going on. He was an able preacher, in a style I recognised, the message carried by good-humoured anecdotes. Then it struck me—it was like listening to Ned Sherrin (a comedian and […]

An aphorism on evangelistic preaching

December 14, 2007


Written whilst listening to a sermon on John 3:16, which seemed to assume the subject of that verse was human faith, not divine love: ‘Our task is not to tell people that they must believe in Jesus, but so to tell them of Jesus that they must believe in Him.’

An aphorism on preaching

December 14, 2007


‘A preacher does better to deserve attention than to demand it.’ ( I used a version of this in describing the second volume of Colin Gunton’s sermons in my ‘Introduction’, but it was developed in reflecting on the ministry of a faithful pastor whose sermons never excited, but always nourished.)