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Rob Bell on the resurrection

April 24, 2011


[ht my good friend Robin Parry] A glance at my blogging over the last few weeks will reveal that I am far from an uncritical supporter, but I maintain that any preacher who does not stand in awe of his gifts in communicating demonstrates so little understanding of her calling that she should give up […]

Rob Bell (insert stupidly large number here)

April 5, 2011


In chapter 5, ‘Dying to live,’ Bell turns to give an account of the atonement. He begins with a reflection on the ubiquity of the symbol of the cross, and the slogan, ‘Jesus died on the cross for your sins.’ (122) But what does that mean? Bell explores a ‘multiple metaphors’ view of the atonement, […]

Rob Bell 8

March 30, 2011


Bell’s next chapter is entitled ‘Does God get what God wants?’ The title begs the question, of course: what does God want? As I said before, I take it that the real subject of the book is theology proper. Who is God? What does God want? We begin with statements of faith from church websites, […]

Rob Bell, Love Wins 7: hell

March 28, 2011


Chapter 3 of Bell’s book turns to hell. I have read this chapter several times, and I confess that I am struggling to see how it fits together. I think Bell is aiming at two, widely separated, targets, and so is in danger of missing both. On the one hand, he wants to take on […]

Rob Bell: Loves Wins 6: Heaven

March 22, 2011


Chapter 2 of the book discusses heaven. As various people have pointed out, the approach is very reminiscent of that of my colleague Tom Wright. I think Tom is just right on most of these questions (I’d say that even if I wasn’t with him and Maggie for dinner this evening…), but let’s hear Bell […]

Rob Bell, Love Wins 5

March 21, 2011


One more post on chapter 1, looking again at complaints about Bell’s ‘orthodoxy.’ The chapter begins with a story that Bell told in the promotional video, and which has therefore become famous. An art exhibition at church included an exhibit with a quotation from Gandhi; someone attached a post-it note reading ‘Reality check: he’s in […]

Rob Bell, Love Wins 4

March 21, 2011


Chapter 1 of the book is entitled ‘What about the flat tire? [sic…]’ It is an example of the  questioning methodology recommended in the preface: for twenty pages, Bell offers a stream-of-consciousness meander around questions concerning the accounts of how salvation is achieved, and what that says about God. The purpose of the chapter is […]