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Lament 2: Singing the Lord’s song in a strange land

January 22, 2009


Should we sing laments? Let me first distinguish: I have no doubt at all that there is a place for lament, both in the common English sense and in the technical psalms-of-lament sense (see previous post), in our worship. We should, when gathered before God, weep for and decry the evil in the world; we […]

Lament 1: Yet will I hope

January 21, 2009


Pastors complain about songwriters; it was no doubt ever thus. Somehow, no-one has ever quite written the perfect song to conclude your brilliant sermon, or to express (your sense of) the collective mood of your people as they gather together. One of the standard complaints in recent years is the lack of songs of ‘lament’. […]

‘A debate belonging more to grammar than theology…’

November 20, 2008


…such was the judgement of Sergius of Constantinople on the monoenergist controversy. I don’t want to argue the rightness or wrongness of Sergius’ case here, but reflect on a more recent discussion. There is little doubt that Stuart Townend is one of our more gifted writers of worship music at present. His masterpiece thus far […]

Criticising worship

December 12, 2007


Andy Goodliff keeps an excellent blog; he recently posted an excerpt from Rob Warner on charismatic worship here. In the excerpt—and I haven’t read Warner’s book yet—a series of familiar criticisms are made with energy and verve (Warner writes well): charismatic worship engages in ‘a wilful disregard for reality’ in its promises of unswerving devotion […]